AFMAS Courses

University Courses

1st Year

Introduction to Mass Communication. Print Journalism. Advertising and Public Relations . Introduction to Electronic Media. Photo Journalism .  Media Law and Ethics. Development of Media.

Additional: Photography.  Filmmaking. Reporting. Video Editing. Anchoring. Spoken English.

3 or 5 Days Activity Training Camp:  Personality Development

Programme. Yoga. Equipment  Handle Session. Athletes. Self  Defense. Interactions.


2nd Year

Script Writing for Electronic Media. Corporate Communication and Marketing. Media Economics. Cinematography, Lighting, Set Designing and Make up. Television Journalism. Audio Production Techniques. Video Production.

Diploma Courses

Meditation. Voice Modulation. Speech and Diction Exercise (Written and Oral). Scene Study and Practice. 9 Emotions. Monologue. Mime Act.  Techniques: Theatre and Camera.

Theory of Natya Shastra . Basic of Stanislauski Acting Principles.  Overview of modern play- Mohan Rakesh, Vijay Tendulkar,  Dharmdish Bharti, Geerish Karnard, Badal Sarkar, etc. Psychology of emotions. Development of direction from Shakespeare to modern times with special reference to Reinhart, tippa, Craig, Duke of Sexe Meininger.  Theory of Acting of Brecht, Grotowshy.

Practical: Practice in front of Camera.  Stage Play. Film. Cover Song.

Portfolio and Showreel.

Certificate Courses

  • Adobe Photoshop.  Adobe Premiere.  Adobe After Effects.
  • Basic of Final Cut Pro.
  • Internship


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